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The Man Who Thought He Could Fly is a wildly entertaining and deeply thought-provoking collection of short stories filled with drama, intrigue, suspense, and allegory, all cleverly delivered in the familiar Twilight Zone-style of storytelling that J.L. Pattison’s fans have come to expect.


Killing Time

The Dragon Keeper

Majority Rules

The Weight of Chains


They Came Upon a Midnight Clear

The Great Divorce

The Dreams of Evil Men

The Man Who Thought He Could Fly

Revolution in the Park

A Beautiful Day

Hall of Rooms

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“[J.L. Pattison] presents his tales with a sort of polish and smoothness that you have to appreciate and marvel at. If you’re a fan of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone or anything like it, you'll be a fan of this collection. I could almost hear Serling’s distinctive voice narrating the beginnings and endings of each story.”

Linda Au, Author

“Twelve thought-provoking stories deeply appropriate for today. . . . The tales keep you hooked until the clever twists at the end.”

John Cavallone, Author


“Thought provoking and stimulating.”

Daniel Ruben, Author

“He hit the nail on every story. He hit every nerve. Excellent job!”

Rosie, Reader

Pattison does it again! The Man Who Thought He Could Fly . . . was another example of Pattison's incredible writing style.”

Robert Rispoli, Reader

Each of the 12 stories had originality and an unpredictable twist that left you wanting to reach out to someone just so you could talk to them about what you had just read.”

KD Murray, Writing Coach

J.L. Pattison does not disappoint! These short stories . . . wow.”

Violet Perry, Book Reviewer/Blogger

“J.L. Pattison is a true visionary. His style is reminiscent of the good old Twilight Zone days. If you listen, you can hear Rod Serling in the background.”

Sammy Sosa, Amazon Reviewer


“The short stories in [J.L. Pattison’s] latest missive will make the reader think that they have been in touch with the ghosts of past great writers like George Orwell and Ray Bradbury.”

Mark Escalera, Author


“Pattison has delivered another very engaging and thought-provoking hit! His twelve short stories take the reader to corners of the psyche, society, and history that are too rarely visited.”

Brennen Behimer, Pastor

“Thought provoking, culturally relevant, entertaining, timely, and extremely insightful.”

Deborah Hayes, Reader

“Using a Twilight Zone-like format, [J.L. Pattison] uses his fiction to deliver thought-provoking messages that stick with the reader after the book is finished. If you want fiction that makes you think about deeper meanings, I highly recommend this book.”

Stoney Setzer, Author

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.”

Jason Bailey, Reader

“Stimulated more emotions than I thought I had at my age of 82!

Ronald Senick, Reader



Agent Sherard Parker never expected to get caught.


His first reconnaissance mission with the DEA was supposed to be simple: infiltrate a small South Pacific island and gather intelligence about its involvement in the international drug trade.


But when Parker stumbles upon a hidden airliner reportedly shot down weeks earlier—an act of terrorism that sparked a war—he realizes the island is more than just home to a major drug operation, it's also part of a conspiracy so evil it could lead to World War III.


After being captured, Parker is forced to abandon his original mission for a far more important one: escape from the island and return to his family.


Can Parker lead an eclectic band of prisoners in a daring life-or-death escape from their tropical prison, or will those in charge of protecting the island prevail, keeping its dark secrets forever?

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“Pattison definitely delivered a twisted, adventurous piece of brainwork.”

Bonnie Madrigal, Reader

“After reading The Island, you will never watch or read a news story the same way again.”

Ardis Charbonneau, Reader

"Part Clancy, part G. Edward Griffin, The Island is an engaging entry in the speculative fiction genre. It will leave you with questions that go far beyond the tale. "

Brennen Behimer, Pastor

"The Island was amazing, clean, and packed with everything a reader would want. Definitely recommended."

Violet Perry, Book Reviewer/Blogger

"[J.L. Pattison] knows how to write a story that packs a punch . . . .  [The Island]  creeped me out yet engrossed me with its suspenseful atmosphere."

Kester Nucum, Book Reviewer/Blogger

Available in Paperback and eBook

"The Island is an action packed, mysterious adventure that starts off as one thing and then unravels to something you didn't see coming. "

Green Fire, Amazon Reviewer

"It's rare to find a book that has a gritty and compelling storyline without using sex, language, and violence, but Pattison pulls it off. "

Dan Ruben, Pastor

“The book has a very unique plot that is unlike anything I ever read, and I enjoyed it. I can honestly say, it isn't often the plot of a book surprises me but this one did.”

Dino Dad, Amazon Reviewer

"Brilliant Author. I still have not recovered from [The Island]."

Ronald Senick, Reader

"A solid story that you can’t put down. J.L. Pattison does not disappoint."

John Cavallone, Author

"Every time I thought I knew what would happen next, I was surprised."

Amazon Reviewer

"I fly Boeing 767s like the one featured in The Island for a living and I was extremely pleased with Pattison’s technical accuracy and attention to detail. . . . This story is fascinating, hopeful, adventurous, heartbreaking and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it."

Jeff Gerdes, Reader

". . . a fascinating and suspenseful journey . . . "

Bob in AZ, Amazon Reviewer


Available in Paperback and eBook

"Think Twilight Zone with a touch of early [M.Night] Shyamalan."

Greg Elsasser, Author

"A 21st Century Rod Serling."

   Mark Escalera, Author

"It reminded me of the old Twilight Zone stories with the twists and turns."

Carol Bridges, Reader

"Two great short stories, both with great twists at the end."

Amazon Reviewer

"This was such an amazing short story duo . . . I don't even know where to begin. . . .  Let's just say that all of my friends will know how much I loved it."

Violet Perry, Book Reviewer/Blogger

"J.L. Pattison is a skilled writer with plenty of creativity and knowledge and his stories make you think deep while you're reading them, and [they] stick around even after you've finished the last page."

Lily, Reviewer


A stranger in a cornfield, a letter detailing horrific future events, and a chance to change the fate of a nation slipping into turmoil. 

Theodore Garfield never believed the old farmer’s story about the day the stranger appeared in his cornfield. And Theodore was even more skeptical about the letter the visitor left behind detailing the gradual downfall of America beginning with the assassination of a future president named John F. Kennedy.

Years later the farmer’s story is all but forgotten until a young senator named John F. Kennedy is elected president. With the farmer and the letter now long gone, will Theodore be able to prevent one of the most tragic days in American history?


"I was blown away. It was amazing and scary at the same time. The Visitor left me breathless."

Michelle Bledsoe, Reader

"For a short story, it packs a punch . . . . You come away from the story sober and thoughtful."

Yaasha Moriah, Author

"Possibly the best short story I have [ever] read.

Anne, Reader

"My heart is still racing after just reading this story."

Patti Jane, Reader

"A time travel story that was distressingly realistic."

J.L. Gribble, Author

The Visitor
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J.L. Pattison's first paperback release, Saving Kennedy contains his first two short fiction eBook releases, The Visitor and Alibi Interrupted, both exploring the subjects of the JFK assassination, time travel gone wrong, and the consequences of the decisions we make.

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When Stewart Hudson travels back in time to stop the assassination of President Kennedy, he not only becomes the accused assassin's alibi, but he also finds himself stuck in 1963.

To ensure Stewart gets it right this time, the wife of his future grandson confronts him before he leaves for 1963, and she quickly learns that meddling in the affairs of the past always has its consequences.

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"[Alibi Interrupted] gave me chills.

So many twists and turns . . . . It was perfect."

Kester Nucum, Book Reviewer

“Returning to Pattison's writing is like returning to an old friend. It makes me want to read more [short stories] like this. Pattison's books are the kind that really remind you why you love reading."

Olivia Emily, Book Reviewer

"J.L. Pattison has a good command of language, plot, characters, and dialogue.

His writing is on par with some long-established authors . . . . He writes with a flair reminiscent of Rod Serling."

Larry Chaney, Reader


"This story is a true page-turner. I was hooked right from the very beginning. It moves at a steady, purposeful clip that kept me totally locked in. . . . [A]nd the ending was very much straight out of a Twilight Zone episode."

Keith B., Reader

Alibi Interrupted
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