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Whatever Happened to the Bygone Days of Pipe Smoking?

It went the way of tweed elbow patches


LSE Library via Unsplash

Ever wonder why we don’t see as many pipe smokers today as we once saw years ago?

Recently, Marcus Jones offered his take on the pipe’s extinction in his article (that has since disappeared off the internet) entitled “Why Don’t People Smoke Pipes Anymore?

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

When a bunch of guys have big, fat cigars in their mouths, they will inevitably start talking about women and sports, whereas a group of pipe smokers might become engrossed in the topic of the economy in Zimbabwe or the declining quality of tweed elbow patches, which would make for what most would find a very boring evening.”

Volodymyr Tokar via Unsplash

I think Marcus Jones is onto something here.

There’s a certain debonair sophistication about pipe smoking. But as sophistication has gone the way of the Dodo bird , so has the fine art of pipe smoking, and with it, other archaic concepts such as critical thought, shared morality, basic civility, and common decency.

Oh, and fedoras. Let’s not forget fedoras.

Personally, if I smoked tobacco, I’d feel more at home with the pipe smokers and their “boring” conversations than the cigar smokers (even though I don’t know much about Zimbabwe’s economy or tweed).

So let’s bring it back, shall we? Let’s bring back the lost allure of deep, cognitive conversations punctuated with puffs of smoke from a pipe, while wearing fedoras. And let’s do it with a side of tea or coffee.

Who’s with me?

Les Anderson via Unsplash

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