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Hostile invaders from a distant planet, a deadly dragon held prisoner in a cave, and anthropomorphic farm animals (in a sequel to George Orwell’s Animal Farm), are just a few of the tales that await you on this journey through the mind of award-winning author, J.L. Pattison.


Showcasing his signature twist endings, reminiscent of the classic Twilight Zone TV series, you’ll quickly understand why J.L. Pattison has been compared to the likes of Ray Bradbury, M. Night Shyamalan, and Rod Serling.


Can you guess how each of the stories will end?


Killing Time
The marching of time has always weighed heavily on the mind of Solomon Grover—but after his arrest for vandalizing a century-old city clock, he’ll discover that time is no longer his greatest concern.

The Dragon Keeper
When the last dragon on earth is trapped in a cave, an old man proposes a way for his village to make money off the dragon, but it requires keeping the beast alive. The village jumps at the opportunity to become rich but the old man has ulterior motives that the village won’t discover till it’s too late.

Majority Rules
To prevent continued attacks from a pack of wild dogs who roam the countryside, a farm’s ruling class of sheep passes a new law that promises to keep all the animals safe—but their good intentions come with unforeseen consequences.

The Weight Of Chains 
A farmer tending to his property draws the attention of a passing stranger who carries with him a big book and some unsettling news.

The lives of four vastly different people intersect in the span of a few minutes as each one sees the other through a different set of eyes.

They Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Everything changed the night the invaders arrived—including one man’s reason for living.

The Great Divorce
Breakups are never easy, but this one is brutal.

The Dreams Of Evil Men
Harold Crawford is searching for an answer to why he’s been plagued with vividly realistic nightmares. Today he will get that answer, but it won’t be what he expected.

The Man Who Thought He Could Fly
Believing he can fly, a young man is encouraged by a crowd of onlookers to step from the ledge of a building. But there is one dissenting voice in the crowd who’s courageous enough to tell the truth.

Revolution In The Park
An ordinary-looking man on a park bench draws the attention of the world because of his remarkably unusual behavior.

A Beautiful Day 
While his country is at war, a man awakens from a week-long, near-death illness to discover the world outside his apartment is about to get much worse.


Hall Of Rooms

Murphy McAllister’s Marvelously Magnificent Hall of Rooms offers clients a way to confront their past hurts, but Murphy’s latest customer learns that some hurts are better left in the past.


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