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Heavily influenced by Rod Serling and George Orwell, J.L. Pattison is an autodidactic indie author who writes contemporary speculative fiction that appeals to modern-day thought criminals. J.L. Pattison has been compared to Ray Bradbury, M. Night Shyamalan, and the aforementioned Rod Serling.

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Winner of Libertopia’s Best Libertarian Fiction award two years in a row (2017 and 2018), J.L. Pattison's trademark is crafting introspective, plot-twisting tales of suspense that not only provides the casual reader with an amusing mental escape, but is also deep enough to satisfy the critical thinker with morsels of cognitively satisfying thought candy. 

J.L. Pattison is also a freelance writer whose non-fiction articles and essays have appeared in various online publications such as Predict, Koinonia, Liberation Day, The Start Up, The Writing Cooperative, and The Writer's Sanctuary. His fictional tale, Twelve White Tulips, was the opening story in Doorway Publishing's Life anthology.

J.L. Pattison devoted a quarter century of his life to private and criminal investigations, and he hopes to spend the next quarter century writing the kinds of books his fans have come to love.

After having lived on both the east and west coasts of the United States, and even for far too long in the high desert, J.L. Pattison now calls the beautiful Tennessee Valley (deep in the Heart of Dixie) his home. But you can often find him daydreaming of spending his days with his toes in the sand around Mile Marker 0, following in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett. 

When not writing books, articles, and essays, J.L. Pattison can be found spending his way-too-short of time on this earth with his family. And when the weather’s good, he occasionally slips off to a local body of water to catch fish.

Writings in media



J.L. Pattison's short story, The Weight Of Chains, was featured on the April 7, 2022 episode of the Conversations At Midnight podcast.



J.L. Pattison's essay, The Girl In The Window, was featured on the March 15, 2022 episode of the Conversations At Midnight podcast.



J.L. Pattison's satirical article, 10 Reasons Why I've Decided To Become Pro-Choice, was featured on Wretched TV, hosted by Todd Friel.  

media appearances



J.L. Pattison appeared on PJC Media's podcast, hosted by Parker J. Cole.



J.L. Pattison appeared on Episode 1 of The Write Stuff video podcast, hosted by Parker J. Cole.



J.L. Pattison appeared on Episode 3 (Murder Calling) of the first season of the Investigation Discovery television show, Murder By Numbers.

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